• Brand identity is more than a logo. It's everything visual about your company. Brand Identity may begin with a logo, but it needs a razor-sharp tagline and a crystal clear strategy to successfully handle all facets of your company. From letterhead, brochures, and print media to advertising and marketing for print and the web - a great brand identity gives your business room to evolve.


    Studio X Agency believes that brand identity is a mix of art and communication. We create a visual foundation tailored specifically to your business objectives, story and audience. If you have several audiences, we develop systems that differentiate them for your customer and your employees. Clarity helps your sales force know what they are selling...and helps your customers know what you want them to buy.


    Brand Capabilities

    • Logo Design

    • Signage

    • Press Kits

    • Logo Refreshing or Re-purposing

    • Advertising

    • Website Design

    • Brand Extensions

    • Brochure Design

    • Newsletters

    • Corporate Identity

    • Package Design

    • Email Campaigns

    • Letterhead, Business Cards, Envelopes

    • Sales & Marketing Kits

    • Copy-writing & Editing

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